The Mike Cripp Trophy The Adam Dudley Trophy The Christine Meades Trophy The Walker Trophy The Jamie Ellis Trophy The Clive Dean Trophy
  For success on the national tournament circuit Boys' graded singles winner Girls' graded singles winner For girls' doubles Most capped player(s) For sportsmanship
2017-2018 Smrithi Shirol Christopher Chong Serena Farrelly Aimee Christian & Katie Remment Nathan Gibson Jacob Sheffield
2016-2017 Amy Chapman Christopher Chong Sophie Mercure Sophie Mercure & Jessica Walker Hayden Mitchell Matthew Barnfield
2015-2016 Smrithi Shirol Nathaniel Brittany Serena Farrelly Elena Koutas & Jessica Walker Oliver Dunford Callum Mitchell
2014-2015 Samodani Witjetunge William Manners Stephanie Pipe Holly Weston & Lucy Sharp Henry Sutton Helen Sproston
2013-2014 Stephanie Pipe Daryn Howes Stephanie Pipe Kaman Liang & Lucy Sharp Chris Gane Jonathan Hau
2012-2013 Christopher Lai Ollie Thompson Polly Thisdell Kaman Liang & Polly Thisdell Flynn Thatcher Jason Hau
2011-2012 Ollie Thompson Jack Kinmond Stephanie Pipe Harriet Gosztonyi & Stephanie Pipe Ben Cullen, Harry Owens, Holly Weston Ieuan Godfrey
2010 - 2011 Samodani Wijetunge Lee Bradberry Georgia Flatman Georgia Flatman & Harriet Gosztonyi Holly Weston Alex Lawrence
2009 - 2010 Jack Kinmond Jamie Ellis Justine Walker Nuriah Haleem & Rebekah Flatman Mike Dutton Nuriah Haleem
2008 - 2009 Ollie Thompson Jamie Ellis Conor Dean
2007 - 2008 Hannah Thompson Tom Frew Nick Bradley
2006 - 2007 Jamie Ellis James Buffham        
2005 - 2006 Edward Thomas James Buffham        
2004 - 2005 James Buffham James Buffham        
2003 - 2004 Rachel Nurse          
2002 - 2003 Michael Daw          

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